Top 5 AAC Block Benefits

Solid High Strength 

BRIXOLite AAC Blocks are solid strength product. It has higher compression strength more than 30 Kg/cm2, conforming to Indian Standards  IS 2185 (Part 3).

Green Building Material 

Unlike clay bricks, making of which uses top fertile soil, the BRIXOLite AAC Block use fly ash generated as waste by thermal power plants and thus use of these helps in conserving of top fertile soil. 

Lightweight Material 

 BRIXOLite AAC Blocks are just 1/3rd the weight of conventional clay bricks. Due to light weight, the dead loads on the foundation as well as on the supporting structure is reduced.  

Perfect Dimensional Accuracy 

Unlike conventional clay bricks which have large variation in shape & size, it has precision in size and is manufactured from fully automatic machines at the factory. 

Better Workablity 

BRIXOLite AAC Blocks can be easily cut, chased, and shaped with normal cutting and chasing tools. These can be easily shaped to create arches, contours, curves etc. as per the demand.