Plaster for block masonry work.

Property Specifications (KG)
Small Bag 25
Mid Bag 40
Silo Mixture Not Available Presently


Ideal for Outdoor and Indoor Plastering Work.

Special Features

  • BRIXOPlast is ready to use quicker plaster for plastering work.
  • Same quantity of material gives higher coverage compared to conventional plaster practice.
  • Thinner layer for internal and external plastering saves cost extremely.
  • BRIXOPlast having computer controlled mixing ratio guarantees consistency in work.
  • Easy to apply by trowel or spray mixture speeds job site production saves time .
  • Less water curing is required compare to convectional plastering work.
  • BRIXOPlast has special additives to provide more workability and thinner layer.
  • Excellent adhesion of mineral substrates produces lasting durability.
  • Smooth and Uniform finish every time .
  • It provides texture and color uniformity enhances appearance color works becomes easy and fast.
  • BRIXOPlast gives advantage on control of material wastage in plastering makes accurate account of material estimates.