Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Blocks for Masonry Work.

Property Dimensions * mm
Length (L) 600 
Height (H) 200 
Width (D)* 75 100 125 150 200 225
Tolerance +/- 3 

*Other Block sizes are available as per requirements and availability.


Ideal for Masonry work for High Rise, Commercial, Institutional and Industrial Buildings.

Special Features

  • BRIXOLite AAC blocks are green building product manufactured using 70 % of recycled material.
  • BRIXOLite is 65 % less in weight than conventional clay bricks. It saves approximately 15 % to 20% of the steel requirement in reinforcement. It’s excellent size/weight ratio allows faster construction work.
  • It’s uniform and bigger size of AAC blocks enable speedy construction.
  • High compressive strength makes BRIXOLite AAC blocks solid, therefore it is recommended for load bearing walls, also causing minimum breakage .
  • Dimensional accuracy result, BRIXOLite is extremely easy to install, saves mortar and plaster consumption.
  • It can be available in different sizes according to project’s requirement.
  • The porous structure of BRIXOLite AAC blocks provides a high acoustic insulation.
  • BRIXOLite AAC blocks have very low thermal conductivity and therefore a high thermal energy efficiency is achieved. It reduce the inside temperature which results in cost savings for heating and cooling.
  • One of the important property AAC blocks of extremely higher fire resistance which gives product rating at least 4 hours and more.