It is a lightweight masonry made of fly ash, lime, gypsum and cement, and autoclaved at high pressure. During the chemical process millions of tiny bubbles are formed causing the mixture to rise in a manner similar to bread rising. After the casting is set, it is cut into the panel or block dimensions by pulling it through wires strung on a loom. The casting is then fully cured in a large steam chamber called an autoclave.

Non-polluting Manufacture- Autoclaved aerated concrete manufacturers use a closed-loop manufacturing process, so that nothing is ever released other than clean steam. Product trimmings, slurry and water are reprocessed, and steam is reused whenever possible. Resource Efficiency- The end product is approximately 80% entrained air and 20% mass. Thus 5 parts AAC are produced from just 1 part raw materials. Low Energy Consumption throughout Lifecycle- The total energy consumption to produce is comparable less building materials. When installed, AAC results in tremendous energy savings for heating and cooling the building. Healthier Indoor Air Quality- AAC products are an excellent choice for the chemically sensitive because autoclaved aerated concrete does not offgas.

AAC materials are environmentally-friendly, and LEED does recognize this. Please note however, that LEED certification is based on the construction project, not a single material. LEED recognizes autoclaved aerated concrete products in the following manner: Recycled content (applicable to AAC blocks containing fly ash and copper mine tailings); Reduced energy consumption; locally sourced products (if applicable to project), and locally sourced raw materials.

In India AAC block are well accepted by developers and contractors because of AAC plants can able to produce very large quantities of products so availability and unit pricing is competitive with other building materialsthroughout the project. Along with the ever increasing costs of laborand delay in project, make AAC more attractive now than it has been in the past.

BRIXOLite reduces the quantity of materials required for masonry work and labor needed to build a building. It has many benefits some special properties of heat resistance and insulating qualities. In addition the construction using AAC can be 3 times faster than clay bricks. It cut to precision blocks, giving the erected wall surface evenness, which saves construction costs in terms of less usage of time and façade-finishing materials.AAC does not promote the growth of mildew and mold, and cannot be infested by termites. Rats and other pests find no home, since there is no cavity in an AAC wall. AAC performs well in seismic situations and high wind areas. It is having good properties makes it cost effective solution.

BRIXOLite is produced with combination of most modern and advance technology to maintain consistency and quality in production.Our quality checks and monitoring system at every stage of production makes the BRIXOLite best AAC product in market.

The standard dimensions are 600mm length x 200mm width x 100mm thickness. The blocks are available in a range of thicknesses starting from 50mm and 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 175mm, 200mm, 250mm and 300mm thick depends on availability and quantity of blocks required.

It is a life-long product as much as Clay Brick.Yes. The durability of AAC has been proven in every type of climate in the world -from Northern Finland to the deserts of the Mid-East for over 80 years.

BRIXOLite is Green Building Certified product by the renowned Indian Green Building Council of India. It uses recycled content. It uses 1/3 of the energy to produce the same volume compared to clay brick and ¼ the energy to produce cement. In addition it has great thermal insulating properties making it great in saving energy in warming or cooling the interior. AAC products were designed to respond to the urgent need to conserve and protect the earth's precious natural resources.

AAC is probably the safe building product available. Tests conducted by independent laboratories show that AAC is not hazardous or toxic. It does not emit fumes or emit radiation above that of familiar foods.

You are advised to check our recommendation from our technical guide, or to view our visual installation for a quick understanding.

We recommend the erection of wall using AAC to be done using approved bonding material – Thin Bed Mortar (adhesive), which is commonly available in market. You may also consider our in-house brand BRIXOBond Thin Bed Mortar. It is specially designed ready-to-mix mortar for AAC Block masonry work. Thin-bed mortar is polymer modified Portland cement specifically designed to bond AAC blocks for interior and exterior wall construction. Just 5 mm thickness mortar bed is needed for laying of blocks. This extremely thin joint prevents heat loss and speeds installation. For best results, apply thin-bed mortar using tools for BRIXOSmart. Conventional mortar has a high cement content and strength, and is likely to shrink at a higher rate than the AAC blocks.If conventional mortar is used follow the important instructions on installation such as laying of AAC blocks, usage of proper accessories and wire mesh in opening areas.

Only use approved plaster applied properly. We recommend using BRIXOPlast, as it is specifically to be weaker than a conventional plaster mix because conventional plastering has a high cement content and strength, and is likely to shrink at a higher rate. BRIXOPlast are pre-bagged to ensure its quality consistency. A site mixed plaster may be weaker than BRIXOPlast.

Yes. When used in wet areas such as bathrooms, you should apply anwater proofing coat to the surface to prevent water ingress. BRIXOLite that is in contact with the ground should have a flexible waterproof membrane applied.

A range of manufacturers produce fixings specially designed or suitable forAAC blocks. These manufacturers include: Hilti, Fischer and others. They will be helpful to provide you with the details.

The lead time for standard products is typically one to two weeks. Lead time for custom products such as special size may require additional time for manufacturing. In either case, we encourage you to contact us with enough advance notice to provide ample time for your required delivery date.