Thin Joint Mortar for Block Laying.

Property Specifications (KG)
Small Bag 25
Mid Bag 40
Jumbo Bags Not Available Presently
Silo Mixture Not Available Presently


Ideal for Mortar for Bock masonry work Fixing/Laying.

Special Features

  • BRIXOBond is ready to use polymer modified mortar for quicker laying of Blocks.
  • It makes application hassle-free by just adding water at site before use. Reduced wastage, mixing time and labour costs.
  • BRIXOBond is specially formulated to provide a thin layer of joint with high tensile bonding strength.
  • Correct sand and cement mixing ratio provides consistency in work.
  • It gives uniform 3-5 mm joints which save large quantity of mortar.
  • BRIXOBond is specially designed to stop shrinkage crakes. 
  • There is no water curing required post application.
  • Almost 20% reduction in wastage of sand and cement. Also reduced pilferage of cement and contamination of sand at site.
  • Joints are waterproof hence there is no chance of percolation of water.
  • Additives are blended in to ensure workability of mortar.
  • Easy to apply by trowel or spray Speeds job site production
  • BRIXOBond is available on demand reducing downtime and improving productivity.