Tools and Equipment for Masonry Work.

Property Specifications
Notched Trowel Available Size
Flat Trowel Available in Sizes
Level Square As Per Standard Size
Easy Saw As Per Standard Size
Heady Sawback As Per Standard Size
Mixer Electrical Mixture
Sprayer Machine Electrical Sprayer


Ideal for Mortar laying and Plastering work.

Special Features

  • BRIXOSmart notched trowels for thin-bed mortar is applied quickly and conveniently.
  • The notched teeth trowels ensure even mortar distribution every time. The trowel hooks on the side of a bucket so it doesn’t fall. It saves material wastage because of specially designed for thin layer mortar.
  • Flat trowels Tools are reliable, easy to clean and durable for plastering work.
  • Trowels are available in different width sizes which save time much faster work than conventional practice.
  • BRIXOSmart mixture for uniform mixing of water with pre-mixed material before use. It enhance the workability of material is maintain with desired pot life.
  • BRIXOSmart sprayer machine improve quality of work in plaster and Increase productivity than applying plaster with hawk and trowel .
  • Uniform quality assured for mass plastering work.
  • Large size projects speedy client can able to get return on investment faster due to saving in time on finishing of walls.
  • Smart Tools and Machines saves wastage of resources at site like sand and water because of optimum use of the same.
  • Early completion of project also saves supervision time and cost.

Note : This product is presently at the last stage of development and will be launched soon.